Collection: KOJIESAN

Kojiesan was founded by entrepreneur Jazz Burila, who left a job in a multinational to become an entrepreneur. She started selling fashionable slippers to retailers in Laguna, her home province, and in Divisoria and Binondo.

On her way to Manila, she would park at a gasoline station to take a nap. A dream inspired her to pursue her enthusiasm for beauty products. Burila instinctively knew that the market was hungry for a soap that would lighten and smoothen the skin.

With research, Burila and collaborators developed a whitening soap that didn’t have the harmful effects of other agents. Its main ingredient—kojic acid—is commonly found in Japanese rice wine or sake. Traditionally, Japanese women use sake as a beauty routine because of the beneficial effects of the amino acids.

Kojiesan has become a hit because it also lightens dark armpits, knees, elbows and the groin.

Today, Kojiesan products are manufactured in a six-hectare factory in San Pedro, Laguna.

The product line consists of Kojiesan Classic, the original skin-lightening product; Kojiesan Dream White anti-aging with lightening effects, Kojiesan Men for Grooming and Hygiene, and Kojiesan Sunblock for sun protection.