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Spa White C Salt Papaya & Lemon 350g

Spa White C Salt Papaya & Lemon 350g

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An all-in-one skin treatment enriched with Milk Protein and Lemon & Papaya Extract for a radiant glow

Fine-grained spa salt enriched with Milk Protein is an all-in-one skin treatment. Without causing irritation, it gently removes grime, sweat and pollutants from skin pores which cause body odour, and reveals bright, smooth and younger-looking skin. Scrubbing will improve circulation, giving your skin a healthy glow right after use.

* MILK PROTEIN helps skin to retain moisture, prevent dryness and roughness, giving your skin lasting radiance.
* LEMON & PAPAYA EXTRACT brightens skin tone, giving it a fairer and more radiant look.

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