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Brow Sculpting Pencil

Brow Sculpting Pencil

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Ace your arches. Define, fill in, and groom brows in place with this pencil-and-brush duo. The triangle tip has a pointed end to create thin lines and a flat tip for thicker strokes, while the creamy pencil is infused with aloe vera to gently condition your strands. Apply lightly for a natural look or heavily for a full brow.

Perfect for grooming your strands and blending to perfection
Infused with aloe vera for a creamy, conditioning glide
Unique pencil has a pointed end for thin lines and a flat tip for thicker strokes

 Net Wt: 10g

How To Use:

Using the flat tip, start at the inner end and follow your natural arch, filling in the sparse areas. Switch to the pointed tip as you work your way towards the tail. Blend with flourish using the brush end


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