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Bright & Free Bikini and Inner Thigh Serum

Bright & Free Bikini and Inner Thigh Serum

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A serum that helps reduce the appearance of cellulites and brightens dark areas on the inner thighs and bikini area

This toning serum is formulated with lemon, papaya extract, niacinamide, vegan collagen and hibiscus flower to help brighten dark areas on the inner thighs and bikini area, and boost collagen production and mobilise stored fats to help reduce the appearance of cellulites.

- Lemon: Naturally contains Vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps reduce skin damage and intensely brighten skin.
- Niacinamide: Increases skin resiliency, improves texture by making lines less visible and an effective lightening compound.
- Hibiscus flower: Delicately softens and relieves dark spots, stimulates collagen and reduces lines and puffiness.
- Papaya extract: Natural effective exfoliator that brightens the skin by removing dead skin cells and enhances skin elasticity.
- Vegan collagen: Helps reduce fine lines and promote more supple, healthy and youthful skin.

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