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RYX Skinsincerity

Hydra Glow Serum (exp FEB 2024)

Hydra Glow Serum (exp FEB 2024)

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Complete the intense hydration regimen with our game changing serum made out of Guar gum enriched
with humectants, photo-actives and skin vitamins.

Guar gum is a safe thickener and an effective skin-conditioning agent that helps the product be absorbed
better in your face. Among its roster of photo-actives are the powerful cucumber extract, rosewater and
turmeric root extract. These three combined will build and strengthen your skin barrier, give you a
balanced hydrated skin, fade and prevent acne marks and ensure that your skin is naturally protected to
slow down and reverse signs of aging.

A powerhouse of ingredients in one tiny bottle.

💗Boost moisture levels for a stronger skin barrier.

💗Plump the skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

💗Clear up post-blemish marks & inflammation.

💗Keep collagen & elastin levels topped up

Net Wt: 30ml

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