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Bright Triple Glow Serum 30ml

Bright Triple Glow Serum 30ml

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Is your face cream not giving you the smooth, glowing hydrated skin you want?

Try the new POND’S Bright Triple Glow Serum, POND'S latest skin-perfecting formulation that delivers brightness, smoothness, and hydration that you can’t achieve with normal cream!   

This highly concentrated brightening serum harnesses the power of 3 superstar skincare ingredients for triple action glow:  
1. Brightening GlutaBoost+ contains glutathione, an antioxidant that effectively fades dark spots and brightens skin 60X better than Vitamin C
2. Pore-minimizing Niacinamide creates a refined skin texture that looks smooth and poreless.  
3. Hydrating hyaluronic acid draws in moisture from the air and gives you the dewy look of deeply hydrated skin.

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