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RYX Skinsincerity

BeYOUTHiful Rejuvenating Tone

BeYOUTHiful Rejuvenating Tone

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Deep Cleanses the skin to penetrate and clear pores as it helps exfoliate dead skin cells and maintain a clear complexion.

The best way to unclog pores is with a deep exfoliation peeling toner with exfoliating and softening effect for clear skin.

EXFOLIATION increases cell turnover which helps to: 

  • clear acne
  • minimize pores
  • even tone and texture
  • leaving skin glowing

RYX Skincerity Rejuvenating Toner conditions the skin for the renewal process, ensuring effective cell turnover to reveal that new, fresh skin underneath. Depending on the skin type, users may feel a mild stinging sensation and skin peeling. This process will slough off the dead skin on the surface and aid skin rejuvenation. 

How it works: It normally takes 28 days for dead skin to naturally shed, but as you age, it takes more days for the surface to renew. This toner accelerates the cycle.

How to use: Gently dab this rejuvenating toner onto your skin to rub off your dead skin cells and soften the skin tissue with an additional soothing effect. Besides, it micro-peels layers of the dead skin. You will barely notice the peeling but you’ll surely recognize your skin’s radiance and glow.

Net Wt: 120ml

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