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White Soap 50g

White Soap 50g

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A nourishing beauty bar for face and body for glowing, soft and supple skin all over

A moisturising beauty bar for face and body that nourishes and refreshes skin while removing dirt and excess oil. Its creamy lather gently cleanses and helps restore nutrient-rich hydration to skin. Blackcurrant seed oil deeply moisturizes for soft and supple skin. Sunflower oil evens out the skin tone for a visibly brighter complexion. Level up your cleansing every day with SNAILWHITE White Soap for smoother, softer and glowing skin all over.

1. Has a rich creamy formula that moisturizes skin from head to toe
2. Evens out your skin tone for visibly glowing skin
3. Reveals softer and smoother skin with its nourishing formula
4. Deeply cleanses the skin from dirt and excess oil

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